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tv   Fox and Friends First  FOX News  May 22, 2019 2:00am-3:00am PDT

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that wraps up this hour of "fox and friends first," thank you for joining us, "fox and friends first" continues right now, have a great day. rob: it is may 22nd. two suspected gang members accused of murdering a 14-year-old girl. jillian: what happened when they were supposed to be deported a year ago? ice says blood is on the hands of sanctuary city officials. rob: united a stand divided they fall, democrats beginning to turn on each other and nancy pelosi in crosshairs. jillian: the president response to the latest push for impeachment. rob: this might be the best thing you ever have seen. jillian: getting you out the door in 10 seconds flat. "fox and friends first" continues right now.
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♪ something you are never going to forget ♪ baby ♪ you ain't seen nothing yet ♪ jillian: the sun is coming up over new york city. not raining, a beautiful morning, we are starting on the right foot. what do you think? rob: i feel somewhat normal this time of year. when the sun is coming up, like a regular human being. jillian: we are glad for that. you are watching "fox and friends first" wednesday morning. rob: thanks for starting your day with us. calls for impeachment intensifying after don mcgann defied a congressional subpoena. jillian: democrats will meet behind closed doors to confront nancy pelosi and push her to act. rob: griff jenkins joins us as democrats insist they are not
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divided. >> reporter: calls for impeachment are growing louder as the white house is defined of democrats demand fueling the fire. >> we can do no less because the rule of law demands it and to override lawlessness you must do your job. >> reporter: an empty chair marked the spot where don mcgann was supposed to testify before the house judiciary committee but that it out at the president's request. chairman nadler was not pleased. >> mister mcgann has a legal obligation to be here for the scheduled appearance. if he does not correct his mistake this committee will have no choice but to enforce the subpoena against him. >> reporter: it didn't stop chairman nadler from issuing two more subpoenas, hope hicks and amy donaldson. hicks is executive vice president and chief indications
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officer for fox corporation. no word on whether either will comply. if they don't they would join the ranks with mcgann and william barr who defied a subpoena. the president is fighting back over twitter writing the democrats are on a fishing expedition wanting to interview the same people and see the same things they have seen the two years with robert mueller and 18 angry dems, never happened to president before, never even happened to president obama this as pressure on nancy pelosi to push towards impeachment mounts, the speaker downplaying the division when asked about it. >> are you going to refuse pressure to impeach the president? >> know. >> reporter: one thing to watch out for, a special strategy meeting behind closed doors.
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to figure out the best way forward. the media research center analyzed 87 hours of media coverage of donald trump in 2018 and found 90% was negative. rob: the host of life, liberty and live in colin up the media for refusing to cover democrats with the team scrutiny. >> when was the last time the new york times and washington post ran a positive news story about the president of the united states? or negative news story about nancy pelosi, nadler or schumer? when was the last time the new york times a washington post published a leak that was positive about the president or supportive of the president? name one host on cnn or msnbc who is right of center, just one. the president of the united
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states, they questioned his mental health. did they ever question nancy pelosi's mental health? why? did they ever question jerry nadler's mental health? why not? jillian: also finding the 2018 negative coverage maxed 2017 despite an uptick in the president's approval rating. >> other news, the us halts the intake of migrants, the country's largest border processing center over a spike in illnesses. a large number of migrants have come down the high fevers and flulike symptoms. the facility has been overcapacity for months forcing construction of overflow tendss. the outbreak comes as democrats demand an investigation after a 16-year-old guatemalan boy died at a separate facility. immigration and customs enforcement blaming things worry policies for giving ms 13 members the opportunity to take a life, two illegal immigrants charged with murdering a 14-year-old girl in maryland last month, both arrested for
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separate crimes last year but ice says they were released in the agency was never notified because of sanctuary policy. last month police say the suspected two abuse b-day teen to death with a baseball bat and a machete and then through her body into a creek. jillian: the us is prepared to take action following alleged war crimes in syria. syrian president bashar al-assad ordering a chlorine attack just days ago. the state is investigating saying if the a side regime uses chemical weapons the united states and our allies will respond quickly and appropriately. donald trump ordered airstrike in 2018 in response to confirmed chemical weapons attacks. new overnight, us and canadian
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fighter jets intercept russian bombers for the second time in two days, the nuclear capable planes flying in international airspace off the coast of alaska. a pair of fighter jets to intersect the russian information. this show of force amid rising tensions between russia and the us. mike pompeo warned vladimir putin against interfering in us elections. rob: california suing to block the trump administration from pulling $1 billion from its high-speed rail project. the federal railroad administration of using to give the golden state that money which was awarded by congress citing the poor progress. california worked for more than a decade to bring high-speed rail service between los angeles and san francisco but earlier this year admitted it wasn't going to happen in the project focuses on connecting bakersfield with%. jillian: one step closer to
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being the first us city to ban the sale of tobacco products. according to the la times the proposal unanimously tapped the first of 2 required votes during a city council hearing overnight. the band makes exceptions for three cigar lounges. one is a favorite of arnold schwarzenegger who supports the ban as long as his club is protected. rob: foxbusiness alert, house committee will examine how the government and every day americans use facial recognition technology. jillian: tracy carrasco here with more on that hearing as amazon considers the software. >> reporter: the house oversight committee with the use of facial recognition technology. this will examine how government and commercial uses of the facial recognition technology which right now there is no oversight, no federal regulations on how it is used on
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civilians. at the same time amazon investors will vote on a shareholder proposal urging the company to stop selling the recognition software to the government. we have seen amazon coming under fire for the use of this technology, selling it to government and commercial agencies as well. recently we saw the city of san francisco banning the use of this facial recognition technology because of concerns of accuracy, deployment and racial bias. rob: i love talking about the airlines. a $150 oversight bag fee will not happen. >> american airlines getting rid of the oversized bag fee, $150 for certain sports equipment and musical instruments. your bicycles, your -- you will be able to take those on american airlines flights. you can pay $30 instead of that $150 see.
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american tried to do something for passengers. they've gotten feedback on this which is why they are making the change, very competitive with other airlines. southwest will charge you $75, united has that oversight baggage fee. standard rules apply for delta. finally something from the airlines. rob: making billions off our bags. 10 minutes after the hour. former islamic militant is about to be a free man. the american taliban is getting out of jail even though he is still calling for violence. >> the attorney general directed me not to call an investigation but instead to call it a matter which confused and concerned me. jillian: the fbi versus the doj, someone is lying about the clinton probe. our next guest is a former doj attorney and says this raises serious questions about credibility. ♪
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these the attorney general directed me not to call it an investigation but instead a matter which confused and concerned me but that was one of the bricks in the load that led me to conclude i have to step away from the department. >> reporter: the case of these and she said except this one goes all the way to the top of the obama justice department. rob: new transcripts show loretta lynch disputing that statement from fired fbi director james comey. jillian: who is lying? a former attorney for the justice department, thank you for your time this morning. one of the things we were talking about was the timing of this. not like this just went down yesterday. why do you think loretta lynch is just speaking about this now?
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>> the transcript got released by one of the republican members of the committee and that is why we are hearing about this. this is shocking. these are the two former leading law enforcement officials on the federal level in the united states and they are pointing fingers at each other and two entirely different versions of a meeting they had. one of the two is lying. that doesn't inspire great confidence in federal law enforcement. rob: who do you trust? who is the worst actor? who do you think it is? >> this raises questions about the credibility of a former head of the nba. fox reported recently that a cia official said comey was not telling the truth when he insisted john brennan said the fake steel dossier should be
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part of the counterintelligence assessment of what was going on in this investigation. that raises a lot of questions about comey's truthfulness. jillian: what would you like to see done about this? >> what needs to be done is what the current attorney general is having, an investigation into not only how the investigation into the trump suppose it russian hoax started but they are supposed to be looking at the handling of the clinton email scandal and this needs to be taken a look at too. was one of them lying to congress? michael flynn and others have been prosecuted for lying to federal officials. was one of them lying to congress too? rob: comey that he didn't trust loretta lynch after the trump
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meeting and asking to use the phrase matter instead of investigation but then you look at comey and there were reports out a while back and said comey told other investigators he didn't think michael flynn was lying. michael flynn is facing time for lying to the fbi. comey didn't think he was lying, he came on special report for bret baer and denied he said he didn't think he was lying in these reports say he did in fact believe michael flynn was not lying to the fbi. he could go to prison for that. >> it brings up the question was he lying then or is he lying now? jillian: another topic. we want to talk about, we have been talking the last few weeks about the attorney general, he said he thinks the rules were changed to hurt donald trump. what do you make of what he said about that? >> going back to the origination of the counterintelligence operation against the president.
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i think bob mueller failed in his professional obligations when he was assigned to this. what he should have done immediately is determined was their credible evidence to justify opening an investigation? he didn't do that. that is a standard thing prosecutors are supposed to do and i don't think he followed that directive at the justice department. rob: william barr says he is trying to protect the president, trying to protect the office. democrats are in outrage over him saying he's just trying to protect trump. jillian: protecting the office, not the person. rob: do you believe that? >> it does sound right. the most important thing is prosecutors inside the justice department, fbi agents follow standard rules when opening investigations, when considering prosecution.
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if it appears those rules weren't followed than the attorney general has an obligation to do something about it because it is not only the president that needs to be protected but other individuals who could be targets of federal law enforcement investigations when there is no evidence to justify doing that. rob: texas deputy rushing to save a life when a train smashes into his patrol car. jillian: it is tough to watch but we promise it is a good outcome. stay with us. ♪ my gums are irritated. i don't have to worry about that, do i? harmful bacteria lurk just below the gum line. crest gum detoxify, voted product of the year. it works below the gum line to
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rob: a woman in a stolen rv leads police on an insane chase was the woman with two docs crashing into poles and trees. dollars in southern california san fernando valley driving on the right side ripped totally off. jillian: one of the two guards jumped out the front window while the rv was moving after half an hour the driver crashed into a parked car and tried running away before getting arrested. she is facing dui charges. both dogs are expected to be okay. a frightening seen as a train slammed into a sheriff deputy on his way to an emergency. >> oh my god! rob: the texas deputy tried to cross railroad tracks as the train went by to get to a baby having trouble breathing. he was hit by a train coming from the other direction. there was one that went by and
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the other from the other direction. he was not seriously hurt. that is a miracle. the baby he was trying to - jillian: you wonder about that. your wait time for coffee could be reduced to just seconds. if you come across a robotic -- jillian: the business model turning heads with plans to expand. robert gray introduces us to gordon and the man behind the machine. >> reporter: the nation's first robot arista in san francisco located on market street, one of the city's main thoroughfares. the founder and ceo of the company, henry who, got the idea from standing too many lines watching human baristas make mistakes with his orders and thought robots could do a better job. >> crying create the experience, there are benefits for the customer which i mentioned but on the business side a lot on
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the labor costs and also food costs. jillian: >> reporter: use a digital kiosk in the café or order had by mobile apps and your coffee drink will be ready when you arrive. gordon can make these drinks and 10 seconds or less once he gets the order and start brewing. café x has three locations and looking to expand into underserved areas like hospitals and airports. café x plans to open location in san francisco international airport in the fall. there are still some humans working the front of the house to help people use the technology to make their order or try new products like pastries. gordon does a little dance when he is finished taking his victory lap. jillian: gordon on the move. rob: more jobs disappearing. jillian: 25 after the hour. a boost for border security, $3
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shannon: qatar headlines, the us stops taking migrants at the largest processing center over a spike in illnesses. a large number of migrants have come down with high fevers and flulike symptoms. democrats demanding an investigation after a 60-year-old guatemalan boy died. rob: democrats meet behind closed doors to confront nancy
2:30 am
pelosi and push her to act on donald trump's impeachment after don began defied a congressional subpoena. the president slammed democrats on twitter saying they are on a fishing expedition. jillian: nancy pelosi will join chuck schumer and donald trump for a second round of infrastructure talks. both sides agreed to a $2 trillion plan at the white house, the president wants democratic leaders to have specifics about how they will pay for it. rob: powerful tornadoes ripping through the heartland overnight. this massive twister touching down in junction city, kansas. jillian: this man was found clinging to a fence post in rushing floodwater. the rain and floods believed responsible for 3 deaths. rob: janice dean tracking severe weather.
2:31 am
>> not as volatile as the storms of the last couple days but certainly potential for flooding, more hail, damaging wind and isolated tornadoes in the last 48 hours, 2 dozen reports of tornadoes and damage in central us. the severe threat from oklahoma city towards columbia, we will not see the outbreak of tornadoes we saw the last couple days with the isolated risk and flooding. we talk about the flooding, four to six inches in a short time caused flash flooding in and around oklahoma towards kansas and missouri and the potential for more rain in the forecast the next couple days into the memorial day holiday. cold enough for some snow and flood advisory is posted in all those areas that sigh incredible amounts in a short time so that will be a short concern over the next couple days with more rain
2:32 am
in the forecast and a quick look at your forecast, lingering across the central us. in new york city, mostly sunny, across the rockies, severe weather, we will talk about the incredible amount of snow in mountainous regions of the rockies. we will keep an i on it. >> crazy time of year. every cover somewhere on that map. >> everything happening on these maps. rob: the man known as the american taliban will walk free tomorrow, john walker lind will be released from indiana prison 3 years early after joining and supporting the taliban. he was captured in afghanistan months after the september 11th attacks in connection to the
2:33 am
death of johnny mike's man. according to the washington post once he is released he will be barred from having a passport and will need permission for internet connected devices. >> a democratic senator appears to be bragging about encouraging children to support abortion rights during a rally in dc. >> how many of you think government should be telling us women when and if you have babies? not a single one raised their hands. who think the government should tell girls and women when and if we are going to have babies? not a single one raised their hands. jillian: senator hirono talking to those protesting the abortion law. the crowd cheering her on for discussing abortion with eighth-graders.
2:34 am
secretary ben carson defend the administration proposal to strip illegals of public housing aid. pushing back on democrats slamming him for fighting for americans in need. >> it is not that we are cool or mean hearted or we are logical. this is common sense. you take care of your own first. jillian: 55,000 illegal miners many leaving with parents in the country illegally could be displaced by the plan. >> of course we feel sympathy for people. we don't want anybody out on the streets what people don't understand is we have millions of legal americans in line waiting for these scarce resources. >> reporter: carson says millions of american citizens are on wait lists for subsidized housing. rob: loose change left behind at airport security and those little tubs could go toward
2:35 am
funding border operations. according to a letter obtained by nbc news the transportation security administration plans to use $3 million of loose change, that is how much money to pay for border operations. congress won't approved the request in funding, the money is typically set aside to increase security. jillian: that was a lot. a great white shark south of martha's vineyard right before memorial day. earlier this week a 10 foot predator became the first great white ever detected in long island sound. people were so excited a website tracking the shark actually crashed. rob: it was pinged off montauk out east and that is pretty far from where it was found near
2:36 am
greenwich, connecticut. lord -- north and long island south of connecticut, he moved a long way, researchers don't know if he got that far or not. it would be an impressive journey in a short time. scared to get in the water? jillian: yes. rob: remember when donald trump and little rocket man had their share of name-calling? north koreans are calling joe biden a fool of low iq and that is not all they are saying. jillian: taking a stand against haters, the stars who grew up on the show feel about the founders who say the finale tanked. carly shimkus joins us as social media reacts.
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♪ its a beautiful morning
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♪ i think i will go outside for a while ♪ rob: it is nice right there on the river. jillian: people wake up and get moving. rob: north korean dictator blasting presidential hopeful joe biden for criticizing dictator rashida tlaib. >> are we a nation that embraces dictators and tyrants like vladimir putin and kim jong un? jillian: carly shimkus here with what you are saying online. there's a lot of reaction. >> reporter: joe biden's comments may not have been worthy of headlines in the united states, north korea is fired up. there state news agency said he
2:41 am
is a fool of low iq, self raising himself as the most popular presidential candidate. this is enough to make a cat laugh. how will joe biden never recovery? being criticized by the hermit kingdom should not be considered a bad thing but some americans prefer donald trump's approach to foreign policy. patrick's as donald trump commands respect from foreign nations and get results, biden is considered a phony politician and untrustworthy. diamond on twitter referencing kim jong un's old nickname saying he prefers the dotard, some believe donald trump is being too easy on kim jong un. heather: article in the new york times talked about the happiest winds. >> in the report found the happiest wives in america belong to religiously conservative families.
2:42 am
73% of women in this category are happy in their marriages. the writers of this report say this about nonreligious women. we suspect part of their relative unhappiness compares with religiously conservative women, they don't enjoy the social, emotional and practical support for family life provided by a church, mosque or synagogue. social media commenting on this study, christie says can confirm a marriage centered around god has a foundation of his word, happiness, love it, another twitter user not convinced, keep selling this nonsense, women know the true, this twitter user says she will take action because of the study saying i am signing up for the singles mixer at my local church soon. jillian: people have different definitions of happiness.
2:43 am
>> the second happiest group of women are feminists in progressive marriages. feminism second on the other end of the spectrum and everybody else in the middle consider less happy. rob: carly was not happy with the game of thrones final episode. you hated it as much as everybody else. jillian: sophie turner is responding to the petition everybody signed, 1.4 million people signed demanding hbo remake the final season saying all these petitions, it is disrespectful to the crew and writers and filmmakers who have worked tirelessly for 11 months shooting the last season. people always have an idea of their head how they want a show to finish. when it doesn't go to their liking they start to speak up about it and rebel. here's what twitter is saying,
2:44 am
one twitter user says just because you worked a lot on something doesn't mean it is good. another saying she's 100% right, it is a show, get over it, watch something else. i thought it was a little disappointing in the end that you don't get to choose how a story goes. i think a mad lib would make you happy. rob: i will try anything at this point. want to eat more chicken? here's your chance. chick-fil-a saved by a new bill in texas. jillian: a lawmaker who sponsored that bill joins us with what it means for religious freedom across the country. rob: let's check in with brian kilmeade on "fox and friends". how come you are not on a big boat? >> tomorrow i will be there, appreciate it. it is unbelievable.
2:45 am
and interoffice memo, national news. coming up on "fox and friends" on this show which we will be stuck on land for, sarah huckabee sanders talking about the big push for impeachment, how she feels about it and what they are doing on capitol hill today. they will be inviting nancy pelosi and chuck schumer to talk about infrastructure and the president says past the new nafta first was ari fleischer will talk about the big battle with joe biden. we will talk about how those two line up tomorrow. michael walsh is upset about jihad johnny who has been in jail 20 years and now he is getting out and the president should stop it, city? the man who fight their wars, dick cheney functioning as a congressman on a high level in florida. and did you catch this at donald trump's pennsylvania rally? a man wearing a border wall suit
2:46 am
that says build me got the president's attention and was brought on stage. he will tell us about the suit, where it is now, can you dryclean it or mass-produce it, can i get one? will rob ever where it? back to you guys. good luck. jillian: coming right back. een s and free boxspring that's premium serta comfort without the premium price for a limited time only at your local sam's club run with us on a john deere 1 series tractor. beacuse changing your attachments, should be as easy as... what about this? changing your plans. yeah. run with us. search "john deere 1 series" for more. yeah. run with us. the russells travel to a different swim meet every saturday. but now... it's thursday.
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>> we are talking about this. the fight between chick-fil-a and the left coming to a head in texas, governor greg abbott signing the so-called chick-fil-a bill in what conservatives call a victory for religious freedom.
2:50 am
rob: a sponsor of that bill, thanks for coming on today, tell us why you thought the state needs a bill like this. >> thanks for having me. before the situation in san antonio city council banning chick-fil-a from being able to serve food in its airport i found the first amendment defense act. for a while we have seen religious liberty under attack in certain places in this country and we wanted to make sure texas strengthened and upheld the first amendment and make sure the government cannot penalize somebody based on their beliefs or affiliation or supportive religious organizations. jillian: chick-fil-a is the face of this but it is happening to other smaller businesses. >> that is right. even though the focus has been on chick-fil-a in texas because of the real world situation we have in san antonio, this --
2:51 am
chick-fil-a is a profitable business, they can handle their own legal affairs but these companies, groups and individuals may not have the same benefit. we want to say we will protect your religious liberty, one of those bedrock principles our state was founded on and it is important to continue to strengthen and make sure texans constitutional rights are not infringed upon. rob: one of your colleagues, this is why she opposes the bill, i'm sure the intent of this bill is to protect individual freedoms in reality would provide a segue for individuals to circumvent the rules of law in the name of religion, they could legally refuse service to families like mine based on the owners religious belief and then you get cases like the colorado baker which is the other side of this. how do you respond to your
2:52 am
colleagues there? >> i continue to push back against any claim of discrimination in this bill. there is nothing in the language that would allow you to discriminate. the bill was narrowed and focused and clarified to ensure it is not a religious refusal bill, it ensures the government will not take any adverse action against its citizens based on the affiliation, association or supportive religious organization, notice, disorient and behind the bill, notice, story language. i disagree with that position by my colleague. >> a lot of people say why can't you leave it to me to decide where to get my food? >> exactly right. the government should not tell you one way or the other. it doesn't matter if you are chick-fil-a or ben and jerry. what your worldview or preference is. the government should not be penalizing you for what you do with free speech and free association. rob: appreciate it.
2:53 am
>> thanks for having me, have a good day. rob: college admission scandal but wealthy slippery parents in the hot seat for giving the kids a leg up. jillian: parents are paying for unfair advantages on the sats. we are coming right back.
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♪ can you feel it ♪ come on over ♪
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jillian: look at that. [laughter] it looks prettiy, rob. rob: sunshine. sun is come up. that's looking the other way in d.c. well, no, it's got to be looking towards the east the sun is coming up. the sun drxz. all right. >> "the view" co-hosts backpedaling after saying all republicans should be put behind bars. listen to. >> this is unbelievable corrupt president, corrupt administration and the republican party is right behind him and they all should be thrown into jail as far as i'm concerned. lock them up. >> you are clearly frustrated this morning and saying to the american public all republicans holding office should be put in jail. >> that would be called
2:58 am
hyperbole. rob: made comments talking about don mcgahn refusing to testify in front of the committee. jillian: some kids could be getting advantage. annual litzed data nationwide and found a growing number of students in wealthy areas are getting extra time for the exam. parents are k. apply for accommodations normally for health reasonables. parents in los angeles can pay up to 10 grand for a doctor to see their kids and write a letter to get that exemption. rob: we asked what you think, if you think this is fair. most of do you not. jillian: sharon posts on instagram i never got special treatment and my parents had money. these people are doing their kids a disservice. flat cheating. rob: no way standard tests like the sates need to be administered in a standard setting for all. jillian: students are students, it doesn't matter how much money their parents
2:59 am
make. rob: the good, the bad, and the ugly, celine dion baby rendition ♪ baby shark do do do do do ♪ baby shark do do do do ♪ baby shark. rob: dion and james gordon jamming out while driving through las vegas. >> ice tea calling out amazon on twitter after he almost shot a delivery driver. rapper says it was because the driver wasn't wearing a uniform. amazon's vice president of operations saying back in part, quote. just saying thanks for the suggestion. we explicative love you and our drivers. rob: $64 swimsuit not for swimming. after ordering the bikini pretty little thing it was bleeding blue dye all over
3:00 am
the place. the suit was only for posing pool side, of course. pretty little thing refunded her purchase after her post went viral. jillian: the problem with social media and instagram right there. rob: exactly right. adios. ♪ dance, dance, dance ♪ creeping up on you ♪ dance, dance, dance. brian: reminds me of the super bowl two years ago when he sang to very moderate reviews. ainsley: what movie is this in? steve: trolls. ainsley: how did you see that? steve: the audio guy told me. ainsley: everyone who has little kids knows that it's very popular song. brian: good philosophy. it's okay to dance, dance, dance. ainsley: we do that a lot around the kitchen. steve:


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